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Deepen intimacy with ourselves and Earth

September 23 – October 1, 2016

This yoga teacher training is for yoga teachers and others who would like to bring forth an ecological perspective to teaching, facilitation, and other forms of leadership, as well as those who simply want to deepen their experience of ecology of yoga. Read more…



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light_beamSunday, May 19 – 2:00 – 5:00 w  • Hasita Nadai & Judith Rose.
In the beginning of the beginning there was Light. The identity of this cosmic light has fascinated mystics throughout time. Some see it as a primordial urge in the universe that moves us along towards greater consciousness. Read more

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Earthday 2013

Climate change has many faces. and they’re not only human faces.
These faces of climate change are multiplying every day.
Yogagaia – Hasita Agathe Nadai tells the story of the universe through
movement and music. Read more

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Teachings of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme | Art Work: Yoko Shimizu
“Mark Kelso the musician and Yoga teacher suggested the name
“Yogagaia”conception: Agathe Nadai & Alex Beaulieu | realization: Alex Beaulieu
Yogagaia Copyright (c) 2000 Hasita Nadai

Hello everyone,

As you have noticed, Yogagaia now has a new look. It has been converted to a blog platform. On top of still being a website, Yogagaia is now fully set to offer to all our people, the chance to contribute even more. You can drop in your thoughts and suggestions on almost every page of the blog by typing whatever your inspiration tells you. This initiative was taken to offer to everyone, a chance to participate, contribute and share Yogagaia’s philosophy even more. To learn more about Yogagaia, you are warmly invited to visit this website/blog and we hope you will enjoy this new platform.

We wouldlike to thank everyone who is participating in the emancipating process of Yogagaia since it’s birth, already 10 years ago. By being an adept, by telling others about it, by writting us your feedbacks, by letting your inspiration drive your spirit when exchanging and interacting between the members of our community, you make us really, really happy !

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